Abitana's Connect Pro – a patch panel for your network cabling. Neat and tidy!

An Abitana Connect Pro patch panel is the ideal solution for every installer or do-it-yourselfer who is looking for a tidy and organized finishing for a UTP, FTP and/or coaxial cabling.

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Compact and expandable

Compact format – sleek design
Fits under stairway, inside cupboard, technical closet or cubicle.
Two or more cabinets can be combined, one above another.
Top and bottom vents allow for cable and patch cord transit between cabinets.


Self-adhesive "room" labels provide clear overview of the home cabling layout.
Numbered labels establish one-to-one relationships between cabinet and wall outlet connectors.
Clear layout and labeling requires no further documentation.

User friendly technology

Telecom line is directly connected to the built-in telecom splitter module.
3 phone outputs fitted with an integral ADSL filter.
Simplifies the installation and makes it impossible to "forget" the filter.
ADSL modem can be fitted inside the cabinet or in any chosen room.
The Telecom splitter module's port nr1 can be set to priority mode for a fax or care/emergency phone.

Modular and flexible

The RJ45 and F connectors are just one DIN position wide.
Additional connectors can be added later on.
Connectors are organized by room (recommended) or by type.

Extreme bandwidth

Cat5e RJ45 connectors:
Standard Cat5e cables: standard color coding, IDC connection tool included in kit.
Phone and fax systems (analog PSTN and digital ISDN).
LAN networking up to 10/100/1000bT Gigabit Ethernet.
F coax feedthrough connectors:
Standard 75 Ohm coaxial cables (RG59, RG6, CT100) up to 3GHz for FM, DAB, UHF, DVB-T, Satellite and CCTV surveillance cameras.

Open system

Universal mounting board in expanded cell PVC.
Use self-tapping screws or tie-wraps to attach equipment.
Suitable for modem, router, switch, amplifier,...
Passageway behind the board for installation-cables.
Preprinted grid simplifies placement of equipment.
Pre-equipping the board reduces installation time and on-site errors.


Break-away lids on top and bottom of cabinet allows:
Introduction of installation cables
Feed-through of patch cords
Ventilation of electronic equipment
Mount power cubes on an external mains extender bar to avoid heat build up