Abitana's Smart Media range

Smart Media is the name of the product range on which Abitana's smart multimedia networks for luxury villas and flats are based. Our solutions for nursing homes, service flats and hotels are also designed with components of this product range.

The Smart Media range is based on Abitana's Omnimedia technology that brings TV, audio/video, internet and telephony together. With this product range Abitana is your preferred product specialist in the VDI (Voice Data Images) market segment. We pride ourselves by having the most comprehensive range of solutions in Europe.
What is it that makes our products unique? The user friendliness and focus on comfort. Above that they can easily be integrated with third party products. We call ourselves the home networking people: we build products that we wanted for ourselves in the first place.


Main components

 commcenter 200x160

The Comms Centre

The Comms Centre is the heart of your network. Services from the external providers of TV, Internet and phone are dispatched from this central patch cabinet to all the rooms of the house. Also internal signals, like movies and pictures from a decoder or media player, music from a PC or MP3 player, or from your stereo set can be distributed via the patch panel. Each device is connected to the network via an OmniMedia wall outlet. In the Comms Centre the signals are routed to the right device.

These patch cabinets for DIN-rail or 19 inch mount can be installed on-wall or recessed. You have a choice of many sizes and styles. It is easy to add extra modules and services. Clear labelling makes the system self-explanatory and user friendly.

 DIN rail connector

The Comm Centre connectors and the wall outlets

Each wall outlet on the home network connects to a corresponding OmniMedia connector in the patch cabinet using Abitana's universal OmniMedia cable. The wall outlets give flexible access to any type of phone, data, audio and/or video application.
Do you want future-proof comfort? It is important you plan enough wall outlets at the building stage. This will allow you to add devices without problems. We recommend these numbers of outlets as a strict minimum for each room:

Number of outlets
Lounge 7 - 9
Kitchen - Diner 2 - 4
Office 4
Bedroom 4
Bathroom 2


 OmniMedia twisted pair installation cable

OmniMedia universal cable

This cable interconnects the wall outlets and the patch cabinet. It complies with the most stringent standards for your home network. Would you like to include CCTV, satellite downlink or loudspeakers to the network?
The Smart media network concept provides for ad-hoc cabling in coax and twin speaker wire.

 Audio Video adapters


A wide range of audio and video adapters are available to connect every popular type of consumer equipment to the network.

 OmniMedia Patchcord

OmniMedia patch cords

The HD quality OmniMedia patch cords used in the patch panel take care of assigning the desired signal to the correct wall outlet.

 TVoverRFamp 200x160px

TV over Twisted Pair RF amplifier

How do you watch TV? Terrestrial (Freeview), Cable TV, satellite, ADSL or the new fibre-to-the home?
Everything is foreseen. Because you just connect the service provider's line to this multiservice device which will send the signals to four, eight or twelve TV sets, depending on the chosen configuration.

 DIN rail ethernet switch

Fast ethernet & Gigabit ethernet switch

There is a choice of two switches located in the Comms Centre. For a small network, with up to 5 connected devices like modem, printer or pc, you can opt for the 5-port 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet switch. Do you need a larger network or much higher speed? Go for the 8-port Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps switches.

 Din rail audio amplifier

Music amplifier

Do you want to enjoy music in every room of the house without the clutter of amplifiers, speakers and their wiring all over the place?
Then the Abitana Music amplifier is what you are looking for. It fits in the patch panel and connects on the one end to any type of music source, on the other to the ceiling, in-wall or on-wall speakers.
Do you fancy even more comfort? Connect the amplifier to the home controls system to act as part of the whole-house command system.

 phone and fax module

 Phone and fax module

This module distributes the phone line (with or without ADSL) to 4 rooms. No external ADSL filter is required and this greatly simplifies the installation of the modem or router.


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Home automation and home networks, is that the same thing then?

Home automation, better known as lighting controls, automates your lights, curtains, blinds and heating. The home network on the other hand, interconnects all your multimedia devices, and gives them access to the external Service provider networks. Not exactly the same thing, but what they have in common is more living comfort.

The home automation system and the home network build a bridge between multimedia and controls. You will enjoy the quality of your favourite movie on the flat screen while the home controls make the lights slowly dim, close the blinds and the curtains, turn the temperature up a notch and gradually fill the room with the sound of the home theatre system. All at your command, from the same touch screen, tablet or remote control.

Would you rather dine out? The home controls system can tell your multi-room music devices and TVs to help simulate presence in the house... or do just the opposite: when you set the alarm, automatically turn off all the multimedia devices to reduce stand-by power consumption.

Abitana's Smart Media home network offers a host of interface possibilities with the major brands of home automation systems by default. You have the freedom to implement what you want, anywhere you want it. Every day, again and again, you will enjoy the best quality, user friendly living experience until finally you take it for granted. This is a good place to come home to.

Even if at the building stage you only invest in the bare cabling, you'll leave all the options open for the future. An opportunity you don't want to miss.

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